Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Week 2: Adding a Photo

This is a building that's going up on Garsfontein Road in Pretoria.  It's going to be the new home of Deloitte according to the signage... but that isn't why I added this pic.  I have to pass this building on the way to most destinations as it's close to the highway and exceptionally large - so you can't miss it.  And each time I pass it - I think - this is what education should be like.  Us as educators - whether it be formal or informal sessions, should be providing adequate scaffolding for our learners that they can build their own tall towers of splendourous knowledge.  The catch with this scaffolding is that it's temporary.  It serves a very important purpose with regards to accomplishing the 4 floors that need to be completed. It doesn't look very pretty right now either - but it does serve a purpose. It gives the workers the confidence to do what they do best.  This should be the way that educators operate.  We should support the learners as long as need be - shape them - and then give them the room to go on their own - fade. 
Ah - but it's easier just to give instructions right?!  Wrong!!!! Why else do you think we have such dreadful results for numeracy and literacy?!

Let me now draw your attention to the reflective windows on the right hand side... that further adds to my analogy of how I believe the adventure of education should be.  It should reflect the hard work that educators, parents and adults alike put into nurturing this young mind.  But it should also have the quality of transparency so that we as adults can step back and admit our shortcomings and be sure to improve or edit so that the next building we set scaffolding up for - will be that much better.  
I know it's a tall order - excuse the pun.  But worthwhile none the less.   Education - and good sound education, at that - is the only way that we'll deal with and eventually overcome all the negative drama which we're faced with as communities and a country.

I dare you to make sure that you're providing solid scaffolding for an impressionable young mind - whether it be a numerically younger person, or a colleague who's new in the environment.

And where does this leave me at the end of week 2 of my adventure - it leaves me pondering.  Pondering on the best way forward where I can make my voice heard in my corner of the world - especially through the use of this blog.

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