Monday, 27 February 2012

Two months down the line

Yip it's two months down the line and I'm still standing(sitting) here in "Die Skip" which is the building at the University of Pretoria which looks much like the bow of a ship.  In the last month we've had the conference for the Senate. Professor Cheryl de la Rey provided members of Senate with the way forward by introducing the Strategic Plan 2025.  The plan plots the way that the Univerisity of Pretoria becomes a research intensive institution.  It may not sound all that exciting but believe you me.... listening to Prof de la Rey had me simply enthralled!  She calmly set the plan before the Senate, not really detailing the way it would be achieved. instead alluding to the fact the speakers to follow would share the particulars around the plan.  Fact is - she spoke with such serenity and conviction that I wanted to jump up and offer to be a general in her army!!!!

I was absolutely floored and needless to say I added her to my list of heroes. I told my colleagues about my excitement and went as far as to say that I should email her to thank her for "lighting my fire". 

I'm not going to lie, it's really been a continued adventure of growing up - and seeking God's face in that this environment didn't quite get me uber excited about the way forward. I was really clinging to my dream of academia and eagerly awaiting the commencement of lectures.... and then the Senate Conference happened and my imagination was captured by the tremendous opportunities that lies here at the Univeristy. 

But more specifically it made me aware on a more conscious level that we're all small cogs in a big machine... and if one of the cogs don't work - it makes it difficult for the machine to perform optimally.  I then realised that I want to make sure that my cog works well, both here at work and in my family at large.  This all as I carry on in my adventure... Tuks of niks!

P.S.  I sent Prof de la Rey an email after all and she responded!!!! Whoop whoop!!! See below:

>>> Dezlin Jacobs 2012/02/09 11:38:06 AM >>>
Dear Prof de la Rey
I would like to thank you for sharing your vision at the Senate Conference yesterday.
I am by no means part of the academic staff (yet) but I have to tell you that your calm demeanor and gentle way of putting across the plan for the next 15 years  has got me enthused to be part of the University.
I joined the staff of Academic Administration at the beginning of this year, and this after questioning God about why on Earth He would put me in an environment that could possibly strangle my enthusiasm, I now see why.
The course that you're putting this ship on is going to be superb - with many storms I am sure - but worth all the effort I am certain.  I look forward to working along side you and the rest of the crew in steering this ship and all it's passengers into academic and institutional history.
I shall keep you and the management in prayer and trust that my bit will also add to the success of this vision.
_ _ _ _

Dear Dezlin,
Thank for for taking the trouble to give me feedback. I am very pleased that you support the vision. Please pursue your career goal as we need new perspectives in the academic ranks. In the meantime, your contribution is very important. I do need prayers so thank you again.
Warm wishes,
Cheryl de la Rey

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