Thursday, 23 May 2013

Learning about history

This evening was like any other... We went to gym as a family... Something we haven't done in a long time... Which meant supper took longer but that's ok... Right? Well - nobody had a choice really.... But that wasn't actually the purpose of this post.

Thing is- whilst I was salvaging the tomato bredie that cooked over, my beloved husband took to the boys room to sort through washing. Wonderful husband , isn't he? For me- definitely... For the boy.., not so much. Somehow he managed to locate missing socks and lunchboxes that were reported missing. Happiness right?! Uhm- not for the boys.

Let me pause and just say that my love has a very different approach to parenting. He's very big on teaching life lessons (that's what he does for a living after all) and is vocal about how the boys are actually keeping us young. Anywho- back to this evening...

In order to encourage our boys to be more attuned to adopting the stance of "I'm my brother's keeper", my husband has instituted a communist state in my sons room. So - essentially suffer one, suffer all.

So what exactly do you mean by communist state... I hear you asking... Well - in all honesty I didn't quite know how it would play out.... Until Blessing got up and got a second serving of Tomato bredie...

Upon returning to the table... My husband proceeded to share Blessing's helping with his brother, expecting both of them to finish the serving. And then the discussion ensued...

That's the exciting part of parenting - as complete novices- we get to grow with the children and more into who we are as adults, individuals and parents.

Going to be interesting when we implement dictatorship and democracy in the coming weeks... Will try and keep you posted.