Friday, 13 September 2013

Brazil 2013 - Day 5 - All about the sounds

It was Sunday, first day for Lyle to start working.  Fortunately not a long slot - just an ice-breaker session of sorts to meet the people that would be attending the workshop with him.

The most remarkable thing about the day was the variety of sounds that filled the day.  Most of the people attending the workshop are South Africans.  So after hearing Portuguese for 4 days it was funny to hear Mzanzi's accents, and those of the facilitators, UK and Scottish, and to top it all off... two Americans to boot.  Another odd thing for me was the fact that for a Sunday lunch we grabbed something from the cafe across the road from the hotel.

Chicken burger, slice of pizza and glass of juice for lunch.  Different Sunday lunch.

Lyle and Norman debating the merits of fries.

The rest of the team decided to do the tourist thing and we - after a broken conversation with a young lady at the supermarket - opted to go and watch the game at the Maricana stadium.  It was crazy.  Their supporters are insane!!!!  For that you need to check the video out.
Brazillian teams on the go....Flamengo and Fluminense... 

Pretty pic of us

And then to top our excitingly noisy day... we had dinner and listened to a band... twas great... 

Thank the good Lord for my ability to hear.... 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Brazil 2013 - day 4 - mall and beach day

Day 4 included the mall for supplies for Lyle (and me) because he was in Rio for work after all.  So we did the bus trip, missed our stop and had to do the return trip from Ipanema to Botafoga.  After sussing out all the gorgeous shoes and beautiful clothes... Lyle got his work related goodies and I scored a hot little bikini.

We opted to be savvy and headed back to the hotel in Lapa which was in the opposite direction to the beach.  Did a quick costume change and headed back out to catch bus 424 to Ipanema.  

One thing we've got to hand to the natives is that they're active.  There was an array of beach soccer, beach volley soccer and then this interesting tight rope thingy.  I've included a clip so that you get an idea of what these talented people did.  Me... I just splashed in the water like a tourist and lazed on the beach.  I felt more at home once I had a "homeland" bikini.  We, South Africans, are far too conservative.  Even the old aunties were rocking tanga bikinis or the gstring with the shortest shorts.  For me it was quite liberating to see considering my changing shape and that encouraged me to join the throng :-)

Pretty sky hey?

Despite the weather, we enjoyed the beach.  Water was still warm and not as many natives on the side headed for Leblon.

A busier section of the Ipanema beach.

Volley soccer... people kicking a ball over a net... like in volleyball.  Nogal a serious business. Pic from Day 1

Beach soccer... check Lyle out...  Pic from Day 1

Brazil 2013 - Day 3 - Super Tourist

It is mandatory, in my opinion, to do the whole tourist thing.  This I have discovered to be especially important because one is not 100% when you'll have a similar opportunity to visit a particular place again.  In our instance - we had an amazing opportunity to go to Brazil and more impressively (yes, I said impressively) we were in Rio de Janeiro... whoop whoop!!!!

And so after our self directed stint in Ipanema yesterday, upon the suggestion of our hotel, we went with their preferred tour company and saw the sites.  This was really one of those "click 'n go" experiences.  Questions weren't really encouraged because our guide had only been on the job for two weeks.  At one point, Lyle asked her a question and her response was - "I can Google that quick"  - much to the annoyance of my love.

At least we got some good pics... and that was all worth it - I suppose. We were the only English dominant clients on the 15 person tour bus so that was a bit frustrating.  But in general... we got to see the sites... and that is after all the aim of being a SUPER TOURIST!

Lyle's morning Portuguese lesson... courtesy of his iPhone

A cathedral built in 1976 which is dome shaped.  Beautiful stain glass windows all around.

This was our driver lady and the 2 week old tour guide.

This is at the starting site for the famous Carnival ... notice the g-string bottom thingy at the back... very provocative.  We got a chance to try on the hats and pose :-)

This is Sugar Loaf Mountain.  There's two cable cars to get to the top... and it was hot!!!!  Very beautiful view of the north and south of Rio... We stayed on the right hand side of the mountain.  Where the town is and the fancy beaches on the left.

View from the top of Sugar Loaf... apparently the sunsets are stunning from up here.  There's even a helipad where people can do tours of the peninsula.

Graffiti was a popular art form... in some instances (like this one) it's artistic and in other instances the typical gang tagging.

Christ the Redeemer.  Large and in charge.  As Lyle's mate, Damon, said that despite the physical presence of Christ he experiences Rio as being far removed from Him.

Early Friday night and the start of the evening bustle in Lapa, the area that we stayed in... it's actually a queue to go into a club.  Notice the graffiti on the wall and the yellow cabs... on the wrong side of the road.

Brazil 2013- day 2 Ipanema Beach

Despite a crazy day of travel behind us and gaining 5 hours... We still woke up at 4am. Opting to navigate our own way around, we opted for a map with the bus routes and off we went to Ipanema for the day. 

Sun, sand, sea and a coconut - perfect way for me to people watch while Lyle swam and played a game of football with the locals. 

Dinner on the beach with tasty prawns and $R 17 plate of fries, we took a bus back to the hotel to rest our suntanned heads.

Brazil 2013

Mostly a day filled with travel. Our start time was 4am ad that just so that we could get the boys organized and ourselves to the airport on time... No pics... Sorry!!!

Very long flight though! Ten and half hours to Sao Paulo and then two hours before the next flight to Rio.  Pick up was quick and painless and off we went to Lapa.  The best part of a taxi trip is usually trying to make sense of what you see and matching it to what you know from home.  Most confusing part was the fact that so many people looked just like us... but did not at all sound in any way... like something I knew.

Here's to Brazil 2013.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Learning about history

This evening was like any other... We went to gym as a family... Something we haven't done in a long time... Which meant supper took longer but that's ok... Right? Well - nobody had a choice really.... But that wasn't actually the purpose of this post.

Thing is- whilst I was salvaging the tomato bredie that cooked over, my beloved husband took to the boys room to sort through washing. Wonderful husband , isn't he? For me- definitely... For the boy.., not so much. Somehow he managed to locate missing socks and lunchboxes that were reported missing. Happiness right?! Uhm- not for the boys.

Let me pause and just say that my love has a very different approach to parenting. He's very big on teaching life lessons (that's what he does for a living after all) and is vocal about how the boys are actually keeping us young. Anywho- back to this evening...

In order to encourage our boys to be more attuned to adopting the stance of "I'm my brother's keeper", my husband has instituted a communist state in my sons room. So - essentially suffer one, suffer all.

So what exactly do you mean by communist state... I hear you asking... Well - in all honesty I didn't quite know how it would play out.... Until Blessing got up and got a second serving of Tomato bredie...

Upon returning to the table... My husband proceeded to share Blessing's helping with his brother, expecting both of them to finish the serving. And then the discussion ensued...

That's the exciting part of parenting - as complete novices- we get to grow with the children and more into who we are as adults, individuals and parents.

Going to be interesting when we implement dictatorship and democracy in the coming weeks... Will try and keep you posted.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Every time

This evening I find myself on the floor of a studio whilst my husband and his creative director add the strings to two of the songs for his debut album.

Unusual place to be on a Sunday?! Definitely... But it's the only time that would suit everybody and in the grander scheme of things... It's not bad to listen to strings... For those non muso people- I'm referring to a viola, violin and cello.

I have to document this day because my youngest was asleep on my lap, and I got to play Scrabble whilst my love attuned his ear to the way he envisions his sound.

I'm especially blessed because I feel part of the creative process because I was there at the birth of the songs and to hear how it has grown... Is simply... Awesome!

I'm bursting with pride because I'm happy to see the project coming together and his dream crystallising... and including a song that was part of our wedding.

"Every time I look into your eyes, I can't wait for us to share out lives"