Friday, 23 August 2013

Brazil 2013 - day 4 - mall and beach day

Day 4 included the mall for supplies for Lyle (and me) because he was in Rio for work after all.  So we did the bus trip, missed our stop and had to do the return trip from Ipanema to Botafoga.  After sussing out all the gorgeous shoes and beautiful clothes... Lyle got his work related goodies and I scored a hot little bikini.

We opted to be savvy and headed back to the hotel in Lapa which was in the opposite direction to the beach.  Did a quick costume change and headed back out to catch bus 424 to Ipanema.  

One thing we've got to hand to the natives is that they're active.  There was an array of beach soccer, beach volley soccer and then this interesting tight rope thingy.  I've included a clip so that you get an idea of what these talented people did.  Me... I just splashed in the water like a tourist and lazed on the beach.  I felt more at home once I had a "homeland" bikini.  We, South Africans, are far too conservative.  Even the old aunties were rocking tanga bikinis or the gstring with the shortest shorts.  For me it was quite liberating to see considering my changing shape and that encouraged me to join the throng :-)

Pretty sky hey?

Despite the weather, we enjoyed the beach.  Water was still warm and not as many natives on the side headed for Leblon.

A busier section of the Ipanema beach.

Volley soccer... people kicking a ball over a net... like in volleyball.  Nogal a serious business. Pic from Day 1

Beach soccer... check Lyle out...  Pic from Day 1

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