Friday, 13 September 2013

Brazil 2013 - Day 5 - All about the sounds

It was Sunday, first day for Lyle to start working.  Fortunately not a long slot - just an ice-breaker session of sorts to meet the people that would be attending the workshop with him.

The most remarkable thing about the day was the variety of sounds that filled the day.  Most of the people attending the workshop are South Africans.  So after hearing Portuguese for 4 days it was funny to hear Mzanzi's accents, and those of the facilitators, UK and Scottish, and to top it all off... two Americans to boot.  Another odd thing for me was the fact that for a Sunday lunch we grabbed something from the cafe across the road from the hotel.

Chicken burger, slice of pizza and glass of juice for lunch.  Different Sunday lunch.

Lyle and Norman debating the merits of fries.

The rest of the team decided to do the tourist thing and we - after a broken conversation with a young lady at the supermarket - opted to go and watch the game at the Maricana stadium.  It was crazy.  Their supporters are insane!!!!  For that you need to check the video out.
Brazillian teams on the go....Flamengo and Fluminense... 

Pretty pic of us

And then to top our excitingly noisy day... we had dinner and listened to a band... twas great... 

Thank the good Lord for my ability to hear.... 

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