Sunday, 16 December 2012

Every time

This evening I find myself on the floor of a studio whilst my husband and his creative director add the strings to two of the songs for his debut album.

Unusual place to be on a Sunday?! Definitely... But it's the only time that would suit everybody and in the grander scheme of things... It's not bad to listen to strings... For those non muso people- I'm referring to a viola, violin and cello.

I have to document this day because my youngest was asleep on my lap, and I got to play Scrabble whilst my love attuned his ear to the way he envisions his sound.

I'm especially blessed because I feel part of the creative process because I was there at the birth of the songs and to hear how it has grown... Is simply... Awesome!

I'm bursting with pride because I'm happy to see the project coming together and his dream crystallising... and including a song that was part of our wedding.

"Every time I look into your eyes, I can't wait for us to share out lives"

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