Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Week 1 - Blogging Course

My name is Dezlin Jacobs. I am currently a project co-ordinator at SchoolNet SA which is an NGO based in Johannesburg.  Our core business is teacher training and professional development through the use of ICT and more specifically effectively integrating it into the curriculum in order to speak to the 21st century learner.  I am also a wife, Sunday school teacher, avid reader and groupie... my husband has a band. :-) 

But the heart of me - which I've rediscovered is that I love teaching.  For that reason, I'm on the quest to return to the classroom and make what I've learned whilst working at SchoolNet a reality for learners who are hungry to learn.   Ultimately, I know that I'm going to helping teachers realise their dormant passion for the profession and I believe the only way to do it... is to get back in the trenches!

For our first task - we need to reflect on how the first week went with the blogging course.

I must admit - it is not as easy as Twitter.  Then again - the fact that we have more characters at our disposal means that I can really write to my heart's content.  Something I used to enjoy doing as a student and then forgot when I supposedly grew up.  Now my talents are limited to long-winded and deep birthday cards and detailed reports on the training that's been concluded in the 2010-2011 year. 

At least this will give me an avenue to practice a talent, I think I may just possess :-).

I look forward to doing this more regularly - once a week and in so doing documenting my adventure - in teaching and life in general I suppose... which I believe has only just begun.

I actually have a tune in my head... we've only just begun! Sing along!

Click on the link:  We've Only Just Begun - The Carpenters

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