Sunday, 26 August 2012

Spar Women's Challenge

Yesterday was my 5th Spar Women's Challenge and it was definitely different this year. Not only because there were 25 000 participants but because it was the first walk my newly married and I have done... Both as married women. Ah... What an adventure!!!

The Spar challenge is my standing appointment with my sister and who ever else is keen to join in. It certainly isn't about achieving a personal best-don't I sound like the pro road runner?!- it's about hanging with your girl... Or guy dressed as a girl... (Whatever floats your boat) and catching up.

I suppose the reason it deserves a post is because although the 10km route hasn't changed since last year-I have become acutely aware of how our adventure is convoluted by the choices we make. Choices and decisions that sometimes require consultation but mostly just an empathetic ear- and I like to think that that is what I am to my nearest and dearest.

This post is thus a toast to the continued walk we are on... And not just the Spar Women's Challenge!

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